Happy Birthday, VAULT coin and shared masternode hosting service platform!

Masternode altcoins gained a great deal of popularity in 2017 with the success of DASH coin. The price of DASH had surged to over $1400 a coin and a 1000 coin masternode was worth $1.4 million. There was a rush of new masternode coins created, all promising amazing returns of up to 1000% per year. Today if you do a quick review of masternodes.online, the most comprehensive masternode coin stats and monitoring site, you will find that only 21 of the 227 coins listed have a value of over $1…

Bitcoin passive income

On June 5th, VAULT coin will be 2 years old and Birthday celebrations have started early!

Investors can activate Stronghold at https://stronghold.vault.investments/ and earn shares of all following activations until their maximum goal (currently 100 VAULT coins) is reached!

Stronghold investors can refer others to activate Stronghold and earn instant rewards!

Stronghold features a fair play bonus drop on the 1st day of each month to ensure that no one will wait for a long time to reach their goal!

Starting June 5th, 2021, 5% of all Stronghold activation fees will be deposited in a publicly verifiable Bitcoin pool!


Another first for VAULT, Try Before You Buy is a new initiative aimed at bridging the gap from crypto to traditional investors. TBYB provides a no-strings-attached easy way for new users, new to crypto and/or VAULT a firsthand experience of what it is like to use VAULT.Investments platform, invest in VAULT coin and earn high, steady, reliable rewards, without any up-front costs or commitment.

The participating users will receive 100 VAULT coins in their VAULT Platform account at an agreed price held for 30 days. …

Highest Interest Rates Paid For Your Bitcoin

Now everyone can take advantage of our high BTC% rates with multiple investment options to suit all budgets and earn 5–25% on your Bitcoin.

None of your Bitcoin is deducted or hedged against other currencies.

BTC% Program is a product created with sustainable and lucrative rewards for the development and growth of the VAULT coin project. In exchange for a % of the product profits offered and created by VAULT, it allows for the creation of a financing system with the participation of the VAULT community.

How it works.

VAULT Platform users can participate with a 0.01 BTC minimum and…

A lifetime of Passive Income

After a successful beta phase, we are pleased to announce the next evolution of Stronghold with a GUARANTEED 150 CRYO VAULT coins, free hosting, and the potential to earn much more!

With the introduction of VAULTility, Stronghold will now use VAULT MGP for a fair and clear pricing structure. Activation will be based on 2xMGP for 100 VAULT coins (2 times the value of the Minimum Guaranteed Price of 100 VAULT coins).

Stronghold activation now has a new low price of 0.02 BTC for a limited time and includes many benefits plus the potential to make your own profits!


Earn Lifetime Referral Benefits with VAULT Investments Multi-Tier Affiliate Program!

VAULT Investments now offers a lifetime referral program for all users registered on the VAULT.Investments Platform! This means that unlike many other referral programs, we don’t limit the crediting of referred purchases with a cookie that is set for a period of time (often short). We believe that when a new VAULT platform user signs up using any of your referral links, you should be rewarded for every qualifying purchase they make for life, for all current and future sales programs/purchases offering a referral bonus!

VAULT Investments multi-tier referral program…

Exactly one week ago today (Feb 9th) we announced and launched VAULTility, our own unique VAULT (stable coin) pegged to Bitcoin with a Minimum Guaranteed Price (MGP) but NO UPPER LIMIT!

VAULT coin is currently holding over 600% Public AUM and currently selling for 40% above MGP.

See for yourself with the growing price and buy support.
Current MGP 10000 sat until 25th Feb 2021

Q. So how has VAULTility performed in its first 7 days when Bitcoin reached new highs and many projects saw rapid drops as holders sold off (Dumped) to get into Bitcoin?

A. VAULTility has…

Good day everyone. We have now reached the first stage of the VAULT 2.0 masterplan.

Since the inception of the VAULT coin project almost 2 years ago, the goal has been to create the perfect investment coin with real world use cases. A unique environment has been created from our CRYO program, with a steady focus on coin management to ensure “sustainable” coin emissions that can work in all liquidity markets.

On many occasions, you will find that when Bitcoin rises in price, altcoins and especially masternode coins will drop in BTC value, and even though they could be higher…

Bitcoin reaches ATH and VAULT coin tags along for the ride.

1000 VAULT coins purchased and held since presale, June 2019 would now have grown to 6943.25144414 VAULT coins

On June 5th, 2019 BTC had a price of approximately $7,700. 1000 VAULT coins would have cost approximately $4,600

Today December 17th, 2020, BTC is at $23,279.76

VAULT has been holding steady above 20k sats for months.

6943.25144414 VAULT is 1.38865 BTC
(At 20k sats valuation, holding since Aug 12th, 2020)

USD value of your current holding.

VAULT team is edging closer to what many investors have been waiting for…

Article 4 of 4

This week will conclude VAULT’s holiday celebration, wrapping up the final round of a series of giveaways! VAULT has had a solid 2020, including the release and massive expansion of its cutting edge Coin Packs feature, which empowers investors to use Bitcoin to quickly buy many masternode altcoins at reasonable prices. The VAULT team has conducted an entire month of giveaways, with many projects donating coins to be drawn as prizes! All of the projects that are listing on the VAULT Coin Packs feature are also participating in these giveaways.

In this series of articles, we’ve…


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