Blazing updates on the platform

7 min readNov 21, 2019
Blazing updates and a beautiful sight…

One subscription for hosting up to 40 masternodes? Read on to see how you can get that…

So let us start with some background on the platform and the project behind it. On the 5th of May 2019, launched its platform. At first sight, it looked like a shared hosting platform for masternode projects and coins, but it really is the launching platform for CRYO projects. The CRYO feature and first CRYO project were released on the 5th of June 2019.

The VAULT platform has a unique interface that is easy to use. It has been running pretty smooth since launch and we are now looking to present you with some updates that will be containing something for each and every one of you. The updates will touch on the design and the visual aspect of the VAULT platform, as well as the pricing structure and on the engine room of our platform. So, whether you are a small investor looking for eye candy, a large investor to save money, or a technician loving a peak in the engine room, take a seat and read on.

So what was CRYO again?
CRYO is derived from the word cryogenics, low-temperature physics. CRYO is for the next generation of quality masternode projects for investors looking for better investments. A CRYO project like is a new masternode project that possesses the required pedigree to enter into our program and gain the support and protection of the team.

Projects protected by CRYO, will during the pre-sale phase be locked on the platform for as long as the CRYO period has been agreed for between and the project. If the project is listed as a GOLD CRYO project, the pre-mine will also be locked on the platform.
This means that no coins will be available outside the platform, apart from a small amount used to kick start the exchanges. The only coins available for trading will be the rewards generated by the coins the pre-sale investors bought during pre-sale.

CRYO assets clearly recognizable on the dashboard in dark mode

The result is, that the exchanges are only slowly filling with coins, which makes dumps and pumps during the initial stages of the project's lifecycle smaller and less frequent. Typical investors that are attracted to these types of investments are investors that don’t mind holding an investment for a longer period of time.

This means that the project can work on their project, while the blockchain and currency stay in a relatively quiet state. It also means that investors have less to fear from other investors or the pre-mine held by the team, which could normally decide to dump at any time.

So let’s move on and present some of the new features we have been working on!

VAULT is proud to present the Prime membership!
First of all, we are introducing VAULTs Prime membership. The Prime features include free unlimited hosting for all of your assets on the VAULT platform. This feature will make it interesting to host low-value and low reward projects on the VAULT platform. This feature has been asked for and we are proud to make that happen today. We thank our 2 devs for putting in the hard work and we are really looking forward to future updates on the platforms for VAULT and PAWS!

Optimus PRIME, leading the way for the Autobots

Another one of the Prime membership features includes maximum ice drops. Ice drops are airdrops, or free coins, with a twist. Like the CRYO feature itself, an ice drop is a frozen airdrop, which will only be unfrozen if certain conditions have been met.
With our user base continuously growing, we can no longer offer 1% of share per ice drop for everyone. Prime membership wallets will get double ice or more in addition to bonus ice drops exclusive to users that have joined the Prime membership. Everyone on the platform has a chance to receive ice drops, but Prime membership will ensure you will be receiving them more often and will receive more.

Prime membership will also give a chance to win a share of all upcoming CRYO projects through lotteries, similarly as has been demonstrated recently in the PAWS server. Prime membership will automatically ensure a chance to win and increase your holdings of CRYO projects if you win one of the regular held wallets.

And finally, Prime membership will be giving you an opportunity to switch between light and dark mode on their dashboard. This might not be a landsliding argument, but for some of us the eye strain reducing, battery saving and chic looking dark mode will make you want to come back more often.

VAULT Dashboard Dark mode demonstration

Prime membership can be purchased as a lifetime subscription or for a limited period. The limited period offerings are for people that want to try it out or for those members that prefer the option to leave when they please and not be forced to buy a lifetime subscription. The subscription packages that we have available currently, are 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and a lifetime subscription.

As the above illustration indicates, we require 2FA to be enabled to be able to purchase any Prime membership Package. At, we have always recommended the use of 2FA to further secure your assets, and with this step, we are again encouraging you to activate it making it harder for your coins to be stolen when your password gets compromised and making it easier for us to identify you when you have lost access to your account.

The VAULT Referral Program
We are very excited to launch another major feature, which will be complementing the Prime membership. The VAULT referral program enables you to share our precious VAULT platform and its new Prime membership with friends and family and earn some VAULT coins in doing so. You get a generous 5% of the subscription package chosen by your referrals, and those will be added to your account for instant use! This means that the VAULT you earn through the VAULT referral program will not be locked in the ice drop wallet or CRYO.

Creating a referral link is easy and without small print or conditions

Beware, that you can only receive a referral bonus for any subscription package sold through your referral link. This is not an encouragement to spam other servers with our offerings. However, you do not need to have Prime membership yourself or even hold VAULT coins in your portfolio. This is a chance for everyone to convince the world about the advantages of our platform and earn some VAULT in return.

The VAULT engine room is being upgraded
So what is this about some interesting news for the technicians amongst us? The VAULT engine room started small and has at times been underpowered. This is about to change when we fire up our own dedicated hardware, which will be located in a professional-grade data center. VAULT has every intention to bring you a quality product at a competitive price, which has made us go down this road. The hosting capacity available on this setup has enabled us to start offering the free hosting option, offered by holding a Prime membership.
The refurbished hardware is currently being installed and configured and we expect to take it into production next month after we have been running extensive tests on it.

Installation in progress

The above picture shows the first chassis being installed. The setup will be fully redundant and follow the strict demands of redundant power, hardware, and monitoring of each element that any professional customer demands in modern times.

Server blades

There will be plenty of hardware for us to pick from and there will be servers and blades for the different tasks required on our platform… Some servers will be more focused on computing power while others have more RAM or disk space. We appreciate the support we have received to make this possible, effectively supporting, but with PAWS.Fund as one of the intended recipients.

Future expansion is possible in another data center, in which we could mirror our setup and expand capacity. We are very excited to be doing this and this will hopefully enable VAULT to ensure our customer’s needs are catered for fully.

We feel this update has been jam-packed with news and features for you all to enjoy and we hope you feel the same. The referral program can be used by everyone and will be a possibility to earn some VAULT coins while helping grow their platform.
For many of you using our platform, the Prime membership will be offering some interesting features, like the FREE hosting option for all your masternodes, regardless of whether they are CRYO or PAWS.
And finally, the installation of a refurbished V8 engine in our engine room will hopefully ensure that VAULT can continue to grow and ensure that we have a solid foundation in terms of stability and growth.

The links and references below contain more information about some of the topics mentioned in the article above…