FXCoin, a marketplace where dumping is allowed!

9 min readSep 13, 2019


With great joy, VAULT.investments would like to introduce a brand new project called FXCoin, which will be launched under the protective wings of CRYO on the VAULT Investments Platform.

FXCoin calls themselves for a secure, risk-free & unique smart investment trading group, giving dividend-payments every week generated from FOREX, Stocks, Commodities and Cryptocurrency trading.

Many of us, in the western world at least, have access to investment trading groups, if you have money to invest. This could simply be an investment firm or bank, which you will allow to invest your money in stocks and commodities. If the trading group does well and makes the right decisions, your investment normally grows faster compared to placing it on a savings account where you collect interest. Your money would be part of a much larger trading portfolio and you would receive shares of the earnings relative to your share in the investment pool. This requires a fair amount of work for the trading groups, registering each investor and it requires a mechanism to process the distribution of fair shares of the profits to each investor according to their portfolio or risk profile.

Trading is a profession

The simplified idea
The founders and traders of FXCoin, two talented and full time traders, Rajdip Mukherjee (Discord: @FxHusky) and Al Amin Siddique (Discord: @FxPro), have been trading on various markets for some years and have quite a lot of experience with crypto and FOREX trading. They have taken their experiences from trading on FOREX, commodities and crypto markets and came up with a new and different idea.

FXCoin came up with the idea to create a new crypto currency (FXN) and associated marketplace, just for the purpose to pay out dividends to their investors. FXCoin pays out 40% of their earnings collected each week, simply by buying FXN coins of their cryptomarket. They will do so at random times and with random quantities at random days, to prevent that it always will be the same people that get bought up.
This essentially means, that every investor or rather every person holding FXN coins, that wants to collect some returns on their investment, simply needs to put FXN for sale and wait for it to be bought up. The better FXCoin performed that week, the more they will be able to spent on buying back FXN. All FXN coins bought back through this process, will be burned to reduce inflation.

Essentially, they will do what a lot of new project owners dream of, to buy up coins and keep the price high in order to attract new investors with volume and price. Most projects will run out of funds in the end, if no real demand is created, and the price will slowly start declining. FXCoin, due to the fact that they are using 40% of their trading profits, will have an unlimited amount of money to buy FXN for. This obviously requires them to keep their promises, and keep making profits.

Startup capital
The idea is interesting and intriguing, but it needs an initial capital, in order for the traders to start trading with FOREX, commodities, stocks and crypto, and generate those first profits. Since FXCoin is a masternode blockchain, this initial capital will come from the pre-sale of masternodes and coin packages, orchestrated by VAULT.investments.
As it is with most pre-sales for crypto projects, it is the pre-sale investor that actually provides capital to the project for them to build a service or in this case start investing. What makes this relatively simple, is that the project does not have to create a platform or a product, but they can use the initial capital provided by the pre-sale investors to start trading immediately.

Dividend payments
Just to be clear about one thing: FXCoin does not pay any of its investors dividends according to their share in the investment pool, but they use 40% of their earnings each week to buy coins from the market. So you as an investor need to sell coins if you want returns. The more coins you have for sale, and the closer you have them to the edge of the sell wall, the bigger the chances are that your coins are sold and you collect your dividends. Obviously, you need a constant supply of FXN to sell, in order for you to collect your dividends.

Weekly reporting
The team behind FXCoin strongly believes in transparency. They are trading from Monday to Friday, and at the end of the trading week a report of the investments and generated dividends will be made public. All invested funds, all actions (i.e. deposits and withdrawals) and trades will be publicly available and investors and potential investors will be able to follow and even copy their trades.

Reporting of weekly trades and profits

Distribution of profits
The reports that will be published on a weekly basis, will clearly show what trades were actioned and what the result was. The profits of one week of trading, are available for all to view and analyse. The profits will be split equally between the investors and the FXCoin project. The FXCoin team will be distributing the profits as follows:

  1. 40% will be used to buyback coins from markets.
    It is this money, that will flow back to the FXN investors, through buybacks every week.
  2. 40% of the earnings stays with FXCoin and can be used as they see fit.
    This will be used to pay the traders, this will be used to grow the company reserves and for any other expenses such as marketing and listings.
  3. 20% will be reinvested in the trading pool.
    10% of the investors half and 10% of the FXCoin half will be reinvested into the pool of funds used for trading every week. This ensures that the trading pool of funds will keep growing equally for both FXCoin and the investors.

The above breakdown of weekly earnings, clearly shows the potential this has for the project, its investors and potentially the crypto markets in general, as long as the FXCoin traders keep making profits on their trades.

What happens when an investor has sold all their FXN?
The observant reader of this article will argue, that the investor will run out of FXN at some point, as you need to sell them to collect dividends. At some point, the investor would run out of FXN, stripping the investor from the possibility to collect more dividends.

Obviously, you can trade FXN like any other stock or currency, using a buy cheap and sell more expensive strategy. This would be a way to make sure your supply of FXN is constantly refilled. The buyback and burn mechanisms implemented by FXCoin should ensure that the value of FXN should increase.
The second option would be to HODL them. You can pick them up when you think they are cheap, and sell them when you consider the price has increased sufficiently.
Because FXCoin is based on a masternode blockchain, you will be able to increase your holdings by staking or running a masternode. In that case the constant supply of FXN will come from the fact that masternodes og shares of a masternode node will generate masternode rewards every time a block is generated. The third option would therefor be to buy FXN and sell the rewards generated at regular intervals.

What are the advantages for FXCoin?
It saves FXCoin a lot of administration and they don’t actually have to know their investors. If an investor doesn’t sell, there are no dividends. If the investor sells a lot it will generate a lot in dividends.
The idea is different from anything I have seen before. FXCoin can almost be seen as the project that doesn’t fear dumping. They expect people to dump or sell at least, to get dividends and they are confident that they can generate enough profits to keep buying coins up to catch the dumps and buy the sell wall. Most projects run out of money when trying to buy back. But FXCoin would keep generating money to buy up coins, which subsequently will be burned to keep supply low and in balance with the supply they are in part creating themselves.
CRYO is just helping them reach that effect right in the beginning, where they don’t have a lot of traction. But once they become big and popular and provided they keep generating profits with an ever growing pool of money, they should be able to keep their coin supply in check.

What are the advantages for the investors?
The advantage for the investors, is in the same category as the ones mentioned for FXCoin. There is no registration, there is no verification whether or not the payout is as it should be. There is no KYC, despite the fact that the profits are generated on those markets where it is impossible to be anonymous, unlike cryptospace. And when it comes down to it, you can decide when to take some profit from the earnings generated by the FXCoin team.

Money flowing into the FXCoin market will be fresh money from outside of crypto

Other problem areas that FXCoin is tackling with the mechanisms deployed, are that the constant buying of coins on a weekly basis with money earned through trading outside of crypto is generating a constant volume on the exchange that other projects often lack.
The supply of fresh money, that a coin needs to retain value and stay in demand, is taken care of by channeling profits from trading outside of crypto back into the FXN market. This will be of great benefit to the FXCoin value and since some of that money will be taken out in Bitcoin and possibly reinvested in other altcoin markets, it will possibly even be benefitting the entire crypto sphere.

What was CRYO again?
If FXCoin has caught your interest, we just want to use a moment to refresh what CRYO is. CRYO is derived from the word cryogenics, low temperature physics. CRYO is for the next generation of quality masternode projects for investors looking for safer investments.
A CRYO project like FXCoin, is a new masternode project that possesses the required pedigree to enter into our program and gain the support and protection of the VAULT.investments team.

CRYO, a freezing cold alternative

Any coin, in this case FXN, sold during the pre-sale phase, will be locked on the VAULT.investments platform for as long as the CRYO period has been agreed for between VAULT.investments and the project. If the project is listed as a GOLD CRYO project, also the pre-mine will be locked on the platform.
This means that no coins will be available outside the platform, apart from a small amount used to kick start the exchanges. The only coins available for trading will be the rewards generated by the coins the pre-sale investors bought during pre-sale.
This means, that the exchanges are only slowly filling with coins, which makes dumps and pumps during the initial stages of the projects lifecycle smaller and less frequent. The typical investors that are attracted to these type of investments, are investors that don’t mind holding an investment for a longer period of time.
This means that the project can work more quietly on their project, while the blockchain and currency stays in a relatively quiet state. It also means that investors have less to fear from other investors or the pre-mine held by the team, which could decide to dump at any time.

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