Grow Your Bitcoin With VAULT Investments

Bitcoin reaches ATH and VAULT coin tags along for the ride.

1000 VAULT coins purchased and held since presale, June 2019 would now have grown to 6943.25144414 VAULT coins

On June 5th, 2019 BTC had a price of approximately $7,700. 1000 VAULT coins would have cost approximately $4,600

Today December 17th, 2020, BTC is at $23,279.76

VAULT has been holding steady above 20k sats for months.

6943.25144414 VAULT is 1.38865 BTC
(At 20k sats valuation, holding since Aug 12th, 2020)

USD value of your current holding.

VAULT team is edging closer to what many investors have been waiting for, some real progress and value brought to VAULT coin. Our first release will be a product known as “StrongHold” and this will be a product with multiple benefits but most importantly, it will be the doorway to everything we have coming right after it. In its own right StrongHold will be a very powerful product and even if you venture no further into our world of unrivalled sustainable passive income products, you should still see the long-term benefits clearly.

At VAULT Investments all our products and features are dissected and go under the microscope. There are likely to be multiple revisions and versions before we announce and put them live. Normally our alphas and betas are tried and tested by our core team to ensure that when something goes live. It just works with minimum fuss, as you would expect from a quality product and project.

Our StrongHold product took 5 weeks to get from the initial “finished” concept to the development scope stage. The code was finished on September 30th, 2020.

At this point, we could have launched in a matter of days on our current platform design but with the addition of our new silent investor and design team, we took the decision to redesign and launch StrongHold as part of our new VAULT 2.0. When we got close to VAULT 2.0 we then decided that it just wasn’t good enough and we can go much further with it. So VAULT 2.0 has been delayed pending possibly another few rounds of revisions, the core team is our biggest critics and we will know when the time is right.

At VAULT Investments, there is a detailed masterplan and an end goal that will never be the end. VAULT coin will never be finished, there are already years of ideas, concepts, and development scopes to follow. It has taken over 18 months of very strict coin management of VAULT coin to create the perfect environment for the future of VAULT coin and its investors/holders and we could not have done it without strong investors, that believed and stood by us through the evolution of our “experiment”.

For all of you that have made this possible with your belief and loyalty, we are looking forward to starting paying our VAULT coin investors back. I wish we were releasing this on our VAULT 2.0 design but to do that would have been rushed and prevented us from building a future proof platform, which we can now proceed with the launch in 2021.

StrongHold has been developed for everyone including non-VAULT coin holders but with a focus to offer the most benefits to “Strong Holders” of VAULT coin.

With only 3 million total supply, high freeze, and a very close relationship building with Bitcoin. It makes no sense to sell VAULT coin unless for cashing out to Fiat but even then your money won’t grow in the bank at a comparable speed.

StrongHold is coming, stay tuned…

VAULT coin project — “Blockchain perfection, since Genesis

VAULT Investments Team

Invest the VAULT way and enjoy a seamless crypto experience!

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This is not financial advice. VAULT Investments provide a service to its clients and are not responsible for projects listed or featured in their platform or ecosystem. Users should always DYOR. Invest at your own risk!

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