PAWS is entering e-commerce with a brand new payment gateway plugin!

6 min readSep 23, 2019 is the big brother of PAWS Fund, Inc, the non-profit organisation that has a vision of supporting animal charity globally based on blockchain technology. was created by the same team, to give PAWS the much needed financial support. The big brother that would stand up for little brother PAWS when it was being bullied on the schoolyard. When recently got the opportunity to develop a payment plugin for Woocommerce, our immediate thought was, this is a perfect fit for PAWS. Whenever we do something in VAULT, or think of something, or are in negotiations with 3rd parties, we always have PAWS in the back of our minds! Let that be clear to everyone doubting that PAWS has been abandoned in favor of our new project VAULT… this is not the case, and will never be the case…

As it turns out, this will probably turn out to be one of the biggest developments in the history of PAWS until now. The newly developed product is a payment gateway plugin supporting multiple cryptocurrencies for one of the most popular e-commerce platforms around, Woocommerce. Only the PAWS & VAULT cryptocurrencies are available for now as we are considering adding selected projects that are currently listed on the platform. The plugin will be made available for download from the PAWS.Fund website and an installation manual will be available.

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress. WooCommerce is used by a number of high-traffic websites and the reason it was selected as the first platform to develop a payment plugin for.

PAWS is a cryptocurrency, that is not only to be used for animal charity and donations. As a cryptocurrency PAWS generates a new block with transactions every 60 seconds. Every time a block is generated a block reward is generated of which 10% is donated to our Donation Fund. We envision PAWS to be used as a way to pay for anything related to animals and beyond. We even would like to see it used as a token in any bonus program you can think of, preferably related to pet and animals, of course.
The bottom line is, when PAWS is used, demand increases. When demand increases, the price goes up. And when the price goes up, our Donation Fund, which currently contains over 300,000 PAWS will increase in value. Imagine what we can do with that Donation Fund, if 1 PAWS was worth 1 dollar!
Imagine using PAWS as a currency to pay your vet, to buy dog food and even rent a car, and every time we do that, you would be contributing to donations to animal charities across the globe!

So why is this a huge thing for PAWS? This Woocommerce plugin, dubbed PawsPay, will enable every single person or organisation that currently runs a webshop based on Woocommerce, both large and small, to install the plugin and start accepting payments in PAWS. Just like that. We consider that a pretty big thing!

A mobile wallet would accompany this pretty well. Imagine using your favorite webshop to buy dog food and during checkout, you will be presented with a QR code that you scan with the PAWS wallet on your phone. Within seconds you have paid and as soon as the transaction has been confirmed you are good to go and your order would be processed. The new PawsPay plugin for Woocommerce already presents a QR code but the mobile wallet is not yet available yet. It will be the next big thing on our roadmap to make this scenario a reality.

The Donation Tracker Tool will be the cherry on top of all this. Once we allow people to use PAWS as a payment method, and a mobile wallet to pay with, the ultimate use case of PAWS will become more of a reality. As the value of PAWS increases, so does the value of the rather large Donation Fund. The Donation Tracker Tool will be at the center of selecting animal charity organisations to donate portions of this Donation Fund to and stay up to date with what actually happens to the funds once they reach the charity organisations on the ground.

For those of you that can’t wait to see this in action, we have some screenshots that show how this would work in practice. Below are mostly very boring standard Woocommerce screenshots from the demo system we have been testing the plugin on.

So you would start by selecting a product that is for sale in the webshop. Prices will be displayed in fiat. Most webshops sell products for dollars, pounds or any other fiat currency. You would add that product to the cart and proceed to checkout.

Select product, add to cart and proceed to checkout

So after selecting the product, or products, you would proceed to the checkout. Nothing special appears at this stage. The price is available in the standard currency of the webshop, in this case, dollars.


Now the next screen is where it is starting to get interesting. The below page shows an example of the payment gateways available. Many e-commerce websites will have the option for Direct bank transfer or payment via credit card. After the installation of the PawsPay plugin, there will be the option to choose the PawsPay payment gateway.

Option for PawsPay

The plugin provides support for multiple currencies. At the moment only PAWS and VAULT are available as payment options.

The conversion from fiat to PAWS is applied and the plugin now waits for the transaction

Once PAWS or VAULT is selected, the plugin will automatically convert from fiat to the appropriate amount of PAWS or VAULT. The QR code can be used to scan the receiving address of the merchant in a mobile wallet.

The plugin will now wait for the payment to be processed. The transaction will have to show on the explorer of the blockchain of the currency in question before payment is confirmed and the order accepted.

As discussed in the latest webinar, the webshop for PAWS merchandise, which is currently under development will be using this plugin and will be a prime example of how the plugin works. We can’t wait to have this ready and revealed to the public!

Once again this is made possible thanks to big brother, which is a subsidiary of the PAWS.Fund Holding, LLC company registered in Miami, USA. In the future other cryptocurrencies might be added to the plugin, to add support for other currencies that are listed on the platform.

The plugin and installation guide SHOULD only be downloaded from here:
Links will be added tomorrow!

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