Try VAULT Coin Before You Buy!

Another first for VAULT, Try Before You Buy is a new initiative aimed at bridging the gap from crypto to traditional investors. TBYB provides a no-strings-attached easy way for new users, new to crypto and/or VAULT a firsthand experience of what it is like to use VAULT.Investments platform, invest in VAULT coin and earn high, steady, reliable rewards, without any up-front costs or commitment.

The participating users will receive 100 VAULT coins in their VAULT Platform account at an agreed price held for 30 days. They can watch the markets to see how the price performs and monitor the rewards to see how they grow with 100% reinvest compounding for 30 days.

Try Before You Buy website:

To take up this unique offer:

1. Sign up for a VAULT platform account by clicking “Sign In” at

2. Contact us via the Help menu at the top with subject “Try Before You Buy” and include the email address on your VAULT platform account.

Offer available only to new customers and holders of less than 100 VAULT coins.

All VAULT customers can use their referral links to share TBYB and earn VAULT coins.

Try Before You Buy referral bonus: 5 VAULT coins upon settlement of payment. VAULT coins bonus can be held or sold on the open market.

Your Share, Refer and Earn VAULT Links:

Sign in and copy and share your own referral links only, as they are uniquely coded to your account!

VAULT Investments Team

Invest the VAULT way and enjoy a seamless crypto experience!

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This is not financial advice. VAULT Investments provide a service to its clients and are not responsible for projects listed or featured in their platform or ecosystem. Users should always DYOR. Invest at your own risk!

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