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VAULT Announces New Investment Products

Since the inception of the VAULT platform, the team has operated at the lowest possible cost, with many of its staff working for free. None of the fees collected from the platform have been sold, which has allowed for the accumulation of Masternodes. This future-oriented mindset paired with operational excellence has led to new opportunities for VAULT and its investors.

Introducing: The VAULT Masternode Pool

Loyal followers of VAULT will be rewarded by the exceptional fund management skills of the VAULT team. Under the stewardship of VAULT General Manager Stenly, a number of masternodes will be placed in a Prime-enabled account. See the start-up funds below:

Note: The initial capital value of the start-up funds exceeds $18,000.

As you can see from the image above, a VAULT masternode will be included in the initial pool of funds. As the platform continues to grow and more funds become available, funds will be added to the pool. Additional projects that meet a high standard of criteria may be added to the pool following thorough evaluation and accumulation of coins to run a node.

Investors can participate in the Masternode pool and purchase a share through voluntarily freezing 100 VAULT coins into CRYO. This will lock the 100 coin deposit, and only allow the withdrawal of rewards for sale or reinvestment.

As an added incentive, users who freeze 100 VAULT coins and receive their share in the pool will receive 1 free month of VAULT Prime — or if already activated, a 10 frozen VAULT coins bonus.

The Masternode pool is unlike anything currently offered in the Masternode space. Now through holding VAULT coins, users will receive a steady source of diversified passive income, and will no longer be subjected to the high level of risk associated with volatile Masternode coin markets. As the saying goes — “never put all of your eggs in one basket.”

The profits generated from the Masternode Pool will be broken down as follows:

50% Direct to Investors

25% Pool Reinvestment for Investors

15% VAULT Buyback

5% PAWS Buyback

5% Pool Development

This means that 75% of the funds will be used to directly benefit pool shareowners. The 50% share that is paid out directly to investors will be in BTC, LTC, or some other relevant cryptocurrency. These funds will be credited to their BTC or LTC address in the Vault platform.

The 15% portion allocated to VAULT buyback will also benefit investors — albeit indirectly. These funds will be placed as buy orders on the VAULT exchange markets and will help to elevate and support the value of VAULT coins. With the already limited available supply due to CRYO, this will create value preservation.

5% of the pool will support the animal charity PAWS fund and will be used to buy back PAWS coins from the market.

These payments and fund allocations will be made on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

More details will be coming out soon as the product is rolled out, including information on the VAULT Whale Pool — a separate pool for VAULT Masternode owners with more benefits and advantages.

Stay tuned.

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