VAULT Investments Celebrates 2 Years of Excellent Shared Masternode Hosting Service and VAULT Coin Masternode Rewards

Happy Birthday, VAULT coin and shared masternode hosting service platform!

Masternode altcoins gained a great deal of popularity in 2017 with the success of DASH coin. The price of DASH had surged to over $1400 a coin and a 1000 coin masternode was worth $1.4 million. There was a rush of new masternode coins created, all promising amazing returns of up to 1000% per year. Today if you do a quick review of, the most comprehensive masternode coin stats and monitoring site, you will find that only 21 of the 227 coins listed have a value of over $1. The mighty DASH has fallen to almost 1/10 of its all-time high value and currently, a masternode is worth $187,000.

There are only 6/227 masternode coins worth more than $5 a coin. One of these is VAULT. VAULT coin celebrates 2 years in the masternode space this month and is stronger than ever. How has VAULT thrived and maintained its value when so many other coins have failed? There are four areas we would like to highlight as key components to VAULT’s success. These four things are team, tokenomics, rewards, and security. Each of these factors has played a key role in the success of VAULT coin and position it to continue to be a leader in how masternode coins are regarded in the future.

No project can hope to be successful without a great team behind it. Innovative and visionary people are needed to make a project unique and viable. Fortunately, VAULT was blessed with such a group. VAULT coin was launched in June 2019 and has an experienced, highly skilled team from various backgrounds, that have been together since the beginning of the project. Some of the founding members have worked together for several years in their previous careers before cryptocurrency.

In October 2020, a silent investor joined the project team. The new investor is a financial expert, an experienced investor with over 20 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions. He was also an early adopter of Bitcoin. With the new investor on board, VAULT coin was able to move its plans ahead by over one year and has been making strides in progress ever since.

VAULT coin distinguishes and shows appreciation to holders of 500 and 1000 CRYO/frozen VAULT coins by making them part of the group that has input on the future developments of the project. In addition to this, holders of 1000 CRYO/frozen VAULT coins are valued as exclusive VAULT Club investors and included in VAULT Reserve Board meetings to discuss the VAULT Minimum Guaranteed Price (MGP) setting for each month.

The team focused on what they could do to make VAULT’s tokenomics different from all the other masternode altcoins. They created a unique coin with specific features that have proven successful.

The first feature is scarcity. VAULT coin has a total supply of only 3,000,000. Bitcoin has 21,000,000 in comparison. Theoretically, there can only be a maximum of 3000 holders of 1000 VAULT coins but in reality, this is much lower.

The second feature is low emissions. VAULT coin has created a unique environment for investors with a very high lock on coins and a generous ROI (currently ~30%) making it both rewarding and sustainable as a long-term investment.

The third, and perhaps the most important feature, is the use case. Every coin needs a reason for people to own it. VAULT coin launched in June 2019 with a use case as the currency of the VAULT shared masternode hosting service platform, which launched 1 month earlier. It is also proving its use as a chosen investment to accumulate BTC due to being pegged to the price of Bitcoin and VAULT’s BTC% investing program.

VAULT has positioned itself as a unique altcoin that provides a relativity stable value in BTC rather than fiat. This is accomplished through its Minimum Guaranteed Price (MGP). VAULT coin has officially been pegged to Bitcoin with a Minimum Guaranteed Price of 10,000 sats since Feb. 9th, 2021, and the MGP is now raised to 10,500 sats, showing the strength of the project and coin. It is important that investors can assess the cost with a solid base to work with that they can use for cost averaging with their investment decisions.

VAULT Investments also strengthened its use case by providing some of the highest returns on Bitcoin available through its BTC% program. This program allows you to grow your Bitcoin by depositing BTC and getting regular, automated weekly payments of up to 25% APY.

VAULT’s success in providing a strong use case is enhanced by other rewards it provides to investors. VAULT coin shows appreciation to investors for their support and investment and has been delivering loyalty bonuses to its investors since September 2019. Since the beginning, VAULT has given away most of the original premine and other accumulated funds in bonuses to loyal VAULT coin investors, and never stops trying to find ways to improve the investor experience.

VAULT Investments also has some of the best referral bonuses available. These are a good way to reward users by giving them a share of the business they generate. VAULT Investments recently launched the VAULT MultipleTier Lifetime Referral Program for everyone.
Full details:

Some current offers running provide referral bonuses of 10% instantly in VAULT coins for Prime subscriptions and renewals, 5%/2% on sales of VAULT coin Coin Packs, and 5%/2% on activations of Stronghold. Referrers get 5 VAULT coins paid on settlement of Try Before You Buy referral sales. Stronghold investors have the largest instant referral bonuses for new Stronghold activations. All new referred activations of Stronghold currently receive 10 VAULT coins with a current value of $50+, paid instantly upon activations.

Security is the final feature that has made VAULT Investments successful. People have to know that their funds are safe and secure on the VAULT platform. The VAULT platform is robust and secure and deposits and withdraws proceed easily. VAULT coin has a community with an experienced team and helpful investors who share their own investment experience in VAULT coin. VAULT coin holds a public reserve with over 600%+ AUM verifiable public funds to back up its Minimum Guaranteed Price.

Public address holding proof of funds:
BTC Address: bc1qnvz4xdlm3nhxcdsfykjhlmd6e7vfcmg7qd7qad

VAULT Investments shared masternode hosting service creates an easy to use experience for first-time users, many of who might have had previous crypto experience only with Bitcoin or no previous experience with masternodes and hosting. VAULT coin was created as the perfect “set and forget” investment. With lifetime free hosting for VAULT coin on VAULT Platform for VAULT coin investors, there is no need to worry about hosting costs or hosting balances running out, stopping your rewards. For all other coins VAULT hosts, customers can choose VAULT coin to pay for hosting and get 50% off fees. Prime and Stronghold include hosting for all coins VAULT hosts. When holding VAULT coins on the VAULT Platform, there is no need to worry about updates to wallets, swapping coins to another chain, etc., as all this will be done seamlessly without the need for investor intervention. You can literally “set and forget” and come back anytime you choose.

VAULT coin launched the “Try Before You Buy” initiative to allow potential investors to test run VAULT coin as an investment opportunity with a live performance for 30 days, which includes a prearranged guaranteed price with all rewards generated included in the deal. Full details can be found at

In addition to Discord, Telegram, and Twitter support, the VAULT website has a support ticket system to contact the core team directly for any help you might need. We encourage everyone to spend as much time as they need to find all the answers and there will never be a silly question. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction and we go the extra mile to ensure this is achieved. Contact the team directly from the Help menu, through the “Contact us” ticketing system, located at the top of the VAULT Investments Platform, here:

Happy 2nd birthday VAULT! There is a reason VAULT coin has remained in the top 10 of all masternode coins in terms of price and is number one in coins held in masternodes. We hope we have been able to highlight these reasons and show you why investing in VAULT can be one of the best ways to potentially grow your BTC holdings and position yourself for great success in the future.

VAULT is established, successful, and positioned to provide great potential returns to its investors in the future. The first two years have seen many successes, but they are just the beginning. The future for cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, and VAULT is brighter than it has ever been and you have a chance to get in at the early stages to reap great rewards as more and more companies and individuals see the value of the blockchain.

Thanks to all VAULT coin investors and hosting service customers for an amazing first 2 years and we look forward to many more to come!

Consider investing the VAULT way and enjoy a seamless crypto experience!


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This is not financial advice. VAULT Investments provide a service to its clients and are not responsible for projects listed or featured in their platform or ecosystem. Users should always DYOR. Invest at your own risk!




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