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3 min readDec 16, 2020

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This week will conclude VAULT’s holiday celebration, wrapping up the final round of a series of giveaways! VAULT has had a solid 2020, including the release and massive expansion of its cutting edge Coin Packs feature, which empowers investors to use Bitcoin to quickly buy many masternode altcoins at reasonable prices. The VAULT team has conducted an entire month of giveaways, with many projects donating coins to be drawn as prizes! All of the projects that are listing on the VAULT Coin Packs feature are also participating in these giveaways.

In this series of articles, we’ve been taking a quick look at the various projects now available for Coin Pack purchases on the VAULT platform!

  1. Phore (PHR)

One of the staples of the Masternode industry, Phore Blockchain has been around for quite some time. Originally launched as KryptKoin before rebranding to PHR, Phore has been innovating and building real-world utilities for its users since 2017. The areas of focus for Phore are reliable, fast, and private transactions, Proof of Stake / Masternode passive income rewards, Decentralized marketplace commerce platform, and a dApp platform based on sharding.

The Phore marketplace is already built and supports merchants selling their goods and services in exchange for cryptocurrency. It does so without collecting data on users, offering increased privacy standards that are not available through competitors such as eBay and Amazon.

Phore is also at the cutting edge of blockchain technology, developing an entirely new infrastructure based on sharding technology. This technology will make blockchains orders of magnitude more scalable and will support the development of decentralized applications. Unlike other platforms (such as Ethereum) which have high fees and gas costs, applications built on Phore will be able to scale with the growing adoption demands.

Phore Coin Packs

2. Allsafe (ASAFE)

Allsafe coin seeks to build upon blockchain technology by adding new features to the predecessors that came before it — namely, Bitcoin, DASH, and Pivx. It aims to provide decentralized, trustless, secure, anonymous, and near-instant transactions with near-zero network fees. It utilizes proof of stake technology — a much greener solution than Proof of Work alternatives. The project is managed by the AllSafe foundation and its community of users.

As a community-owned and governed project, all important decisions are voted upon by coin holders. The objective goal of ASAFE is to be a sustainable financial instrument and is reliant upon the contributions of talented individuals in the ASAFE community.

ASAFE Coin Packs

3. NestEGG Coin (EGG)

Nestegg is a future-oriented blockchain project, designed to help its users reach the healthy retirement that they deserve. Nestegg makes long term portfolio allocations designed for aggressive growth, as well as masternode coins to create a passive income. Nestegg is actually a platform, using cryptocurrency, masternodes, and staking to create a monthly income for users’ retirement. They also offer financial planning and digital wealth management services.

EGG Coin Packs

4. Konjungate (KONJ)

Konjungate is pairing art and blockchain technology, adding a social aspect to the crypto industry. It aims to change the way artwork achieves its value, using the KONJUNGATE and wendy network to improve visibility for artists. Artists will be able to tokenize their work, using what is called NFT tokens which can be traded on the blockchain. This not only increases the value of artwork but also commodifies it — greatly benefiting creators in the process. Artists can take control of their work today, using the KONJ platform.

KONJ Coin Packs

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