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4 min readDec 2, 2020

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VAULT Investments is committed to innovating and developing a groundbreaking utility for its coin, shared masternode hosting service, investment platform, investors, and community. One of the many innovations introduced by VAULT is the Coin Packs feature, providing investors with the easiest and fastest way to purchase, host and earn rewards with masternode shares. The best part of this feature is that it only takes two clicks to start earning a passive income! Coin Packs are also a great way for projects to raise funds via OTC sales, ensuring project development can continue at the fastest possible pace.

VAULT.Investments kicked off the feature by offering Coin Packs for its own VAULT coin, and after a smashing success, it has invited other projects listed on the platform to offer this feature as well!

In this article, we’re going to take a look at a select group of projects that are now offering Coin Packs on the VAULT platform.

1. Ultragate

Ultragate’s goal is to create a strong customer base by creating convenient platforms that utilize their cryptocurrency — ULG. By creating platforms built with blockchain technology, Ultragate believes that their products are superior to their competitors because of the enhanced security blockchain makes possible. Ultragate has three main platforms; Jobgate, Marketgate, and Casinogate. Not many cryptos have this many utilities!

Jobgate is a jobs platform that seeks to pair job seekers and providers. Unlike traditional job platforms, Jobgate also allows freelancers. Job providers must pay a fee to list their job on Jobgate, payable in cryptocurrency.

Marketgate, similar to Amazon, is an online marketplace platform. Entrepreneurs can start their own online business, and accept cryptocurrencies as payment. Currently, Marketgate supports ULG, BTC, ETH, LTC and DGB.

Lastly, Casinogate offers a global gambling experience for crypto enthusiasts everywhere. Popular games such as poker, slots and baccarat are available, with more coming soon. Try your luck and earn some ULG at Casinogate!

ULG Coin Packs

2. Blockchain Energy

Blockchain Energy is a fully open-source and public cryptocurrency project dedicated to green energy and blockchain sustainability. As a project that is “eco-conscious” — it only makes sense that BCE would be a PoS/masternode coin, as this protocol does not have a wasteful carbon footprint like Bitcoin. This makes BCE the eco-friendly alternative to BTC. But while BTC pollutes, BCE is actively incentivizing green energy projects and is accepted as a payment method for electricity bills. BCE is a partner for the TLS group, a fintech company specializing in the development and integration of green energy technologies. Learn more about BCE and the TLS group here.

BCE Coin Packs

3. Simple Software Solutions

Simple Software Solutions project is focused on creating practical tools for the everyday user. So much of the internet today remains centralized, and SSS is aiming to change that by creating private, secure and efficient Cloud Storage services, made possible by blockchain technology. Far too many hacks and data breaches have occurred, with sensitive and personal information falling into the hands of thieves and big corporations. Using Simple Software Solutions’ “Simple Cloud” and “Simple Drive” platforms, you can keep your information encrypted and safe, all for a reasonable price!

SSS Coin Packs

4. French Digital Reserve

French Digital Reserve was created to offer decentralized financial services, including cash transfers, payments, and savings, and FDR is a decentralized cryptocurrency derived from a community project. Currently, there are two financial services available from FDR: Find Your Masternodes (FYMN) and Block to Gift (BTOG). BTOG is a service geared toward customers, allowing them to trade their crypto for gift cards, with hundreds of options available. Registration is free and doesn’t even require FDR to use! FYMN was designed with projects in mind, allowing project leaders to access tools and important statistics, host seed nodes, and more. French Digital Reserve has also partnered with Golden Roads Capital, an investment firm that is fully licensed and regulated in Amsterdam.

FDR Coin Packs

We hope you found this article interesting, and that you do a deeper dive into each of these quality projects! Anyone can start investing with Coin Packs today at VAULT.Investments.

Invest the VAULT way and enjoy a seamless crypto experience!

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