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3 min readDec 7, 2020

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As we recently announced on all of our platforms, we are conducting massive giveaways to celebrate the end of 2020, the holiday season, the massive expansion of VAULT Platform’s Coin Packs feature, and VAULT 2.0 coming soon! We kicked off a whole month of giveaways on our Twitter account @VaultInvest, with a huge giveaway of crypto prizes each week! All of the projects participating in our Coin Packs features will be giving away coins, with some rare VAULT added in the mix!

Let’s take a look at some of the projects that are now offering Coin Packs on VAULT platform, and will be a part of this week’s giveaway!

1. Safe Deal

Safe Deal is an anonymous p2p exchange of coins, files, and information. The Safe Deal platform allows users to swap cryptos, information, and digital files through an escrow service that Safe Deal provides. Key features of the platform include anonymity, a protected escrow and dispute system, and SFD fees to power the growth of SFD coin. Any coin can be integrated into the highly secure SFD platform, and support is available in multiple languages for users from around the world. There is also an online chat function, allowing you to communicate with other traders.

SFD Coin Packs

2. Knox File Secure

The KFX project is seeking to address the growing needs of a new era of data management. They accomplish this by building a distributed and safe means of file sharing, pairing IFPS, and blockchain into a powerful technology combo. In the modern age, information is the new currency, and data is being shared more than ever before. Data hacks have become commonplace, and a blockchain solution is needed to solve these issues. KFX uses powerful and proven encryption methods to offer people and businesses alike a secure solution to data security. The KFX team is scheduled to release the public beta version of the IFPS blockchain storage platform in Q1 of 2020.

KFX Coin Packs will be available after the upcoming swap

3. Pengolin Coin

PGO coin is an open-source PoS blockchain-based crypto designed to meet the scaling requirements of the blockchain industry today. It is focused on achieving fast and cheap transactions, developing a large and active community, and creating real-world use-cases. PengolinCoin’s goal is to be accessible to anyone, anywhere. By the end of 2020, the PGO team plans to implement zk-snarks capabilities to add privacy to their list of features. Long term, PGO will develop their own codebase of new blockchain and cryptography technologies, leading the pack of innovation.

PGO Coin Packs

4. Neutron

Neutron is developing a new standard for PoS coins, combining the dependable Proof of Stake blockchain with a “nucleus” node system. This powerful combination allows for highly scalable, ultra-fast transactions, with low fees as well. As a PoS and Masternode based coin, investors receive a passive income of NTRN coins.

Neutron’s vision is about bringing more kindness into the world, making crypto easier to grasp, and bringing more integrity to the industry through honesty and hard work. With integrity as a focus, all of the team members are transparent with their identities and are resolved to deliver for the NTRN community.

The project is sustained through a self-funding mechanism, which allocates 10% of each block reward to the NTRN team for development purposes. This keeps the project independent and well-funded, allowing for innovation to continue.

NTRN Coin Packs

For more information on Coin Packs, the projects involved, VAULT coin, and VAULT Investments platform, please visit the following links.

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