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3 min readDec 12, 2020

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VAULT continues to celebrate the holiday season and end of 2020 with a series of giveaways! This also coincides with the release and massive expansion of VAULT’s unique Coin Packs feature, which allows investors to use Bitcoin to quickly buy many masternode altcoins at reasonable prices! We are conducting an entire month of giveaways, with a huge selection of cryptocurrency prizes drawn each week! All of the projects participating in the Coin Packs expansion are also partaking in the giveaways — along with some coveted VAULT coins!

Let’s take a look under the hood at the projects behind the giveaways this week, and see what makes them so unique!

  1. Colossus XT (COLX)

This project dates back all the way to 2013, making it one of the oldest crypto projects still operating today. It forked from V1 to the “XT” version of its software in 2017, taking great strides to realize its goal of being an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly cryptocurrency. It is based on the well-known PIVX source code and has implemented Masternode technology to afford its investors a passive income opportunity.

It’s core project is the Colossus Grid — an ambitious undertaking that allows users to donate their computing power to a grid computer network. Colossus is attempting to take its market share of the global distributed computing power industry, while also decentralizing digital storage with blockchain technology.

COLX Coin Packs

2. Harcomia (HCA)

One of the original VAULT CRYO projects, Harcomia is near and dear to the VAULT investments platform. The Harcomia project has a multi-pronged approach to developing utility, with use cases including a social media management platform as well as a multi-asset crypto wallet. While many cryptocurrencies struggle to develop even a single use case, Harcomia stands out — leading the pack with multiple use cases.

The HCA social media platform allows users to automate their social media profiles, linking them together, and optimizing marketing techniques. In the modern economy, a successful social media presence is quintessential for business success. Harcomia plans to onboard merchants to its platform, cementing its presence in the industry.

Harcomia has also developed a multi-asset crypto wallet, available on mobile platforms such as the Google Play store. Now from the comfort and convenience of your mobile device, users are able to monitor their masternode status. Assets available for use on the HCA multi-currency wallet are: COLX, KYDC, NTRN, SCC, VAULT, ZENZO, LUX, and EPG, with more to be added in the future.

HCA Coin Packs

3. T-Power Coin (TPWR)

The Power Coin is a newer project that allows users to receive cryptocurrency bonuses for providing electricity to the grid, making you your own energy distributor. It also plans to combine blockchain technology with e-charging stations for electric vehicles, partnering with businesses in the industry to realize their use case. Blockchain tech will expedite payments for e-charging services, and offer security.

TPWR Coin Packs

4. Gauntlet E-Sport

E-sports are all the rage, especially today when more traditional sports are not able to be played. The growing industry presents an opportunity for blockchain entrepreneurs, and that is exactly what Gauntlet is doing. Users of the Gauntlet platform can actually get paid to play video games! Gauntlet is the first to launch a fully integrated cryptocurrency gaming rewards system.

Gauntlet’s platform will provide gamers with three things:

  • Unlimited Games & Game Time Access
  • Unlimited real-time game earnings
  • Fully trackable dashboard & wallet

All users have to do is sign up on the platform, download their client, and start playing to earn GAU coins!

GAU Coin Packs

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