VAULTility — VAULT (stable coin) one week on

Exactly one week ago today (Feb 9th) we announced and launched VAULTility, our own unique VAULT (stable coin) pegged to Bitcoin with a Minimum Guaranteed Price (MGP) but NO UPPER LIMIT!

VAULT coin is currently holding over 600% Public AUM and currently selling for 40% above MGP.

See for yourself with the growing price and buy support.
Current MGP 10000 sat until 25th Feb 2021

Q. So how has VAULTility performed in its first 7 days when Bitcoin reached new highs and many projects saw rapid drops as holders sold off (Dumped) to get into Bitcoin?

A. VAULTility has exceeded all expectations as not only has it stood firm with the current Minimum Guaranteed Price (MGP) but it has been selling for up to 100% above and is currently selling 40% above MGP at 14000 sat.

We believe that investors are used to using DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) in their cryptocurrency investments. They could now be using SCA (Satoshi Cost Averaging). Yes, it is now possible to cost average with VAULT coin using Bitcoin.

How is this possible?

VAULT coin is paying a typical 32% R.O.I. but by locking in and compounding 1000 VAULT coins with an additional monthly bonus this exceeds 40% R.O.I. By paying above the MGP it is possible to calculate your minimum return based on the MGP with the knowledge that the market price can far exceed this.

VAULT Investments core team mutually agreed not to sell any company or founding team assets outside their platform and almost two years later you can now see the results and the stability of VAULT coin. VAULT is currently locking 98% of all VAULT coins for long-term investors.

By holding VAULT with its generous R.O.I., you can attain double-digit % which surpasses many of the older established top masternode coins.

As Bitcoin breaks through and continues to climb towards six figures, VAULT coin is planning to stay firmly attached and edge up in satoshi on the way up.

VAULT coin = Bitcoin with a unique twist and built-in BOOSTER Pack.

Please refer to the previous launch article for full details on: VAULTility:

VAULT coin project — “Blockchain perfection, since Genesis

VAULT Investments Team

Invest the VAULT way and enjoy a seamless crypto experience!

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VAULT Reserve Public BTC Address (AUM):(bc1qadvmqgmaeekfj3869u7dupd2l5cvzx2ea5yp45)

This is not financial advice. VAULT Investments provide a service to its clients and are not responsible for projects listed or featured in their platform or ecosystem. Users should always DYOR. Invest at your own risk!

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