Why 2022 Could Be the Most Profitable Year for Cryptocurrencies — VAULT Cryptocurrency Blockchain News #36

Happy New Year and I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! Looking back on 2021 and cryptocurrencies, we saw several cryptos that made tremendous gains in price.

Facebook made a splash by introducing us to the idea of the metaverse, and the biggest gaining cryptocurrencies of 2021 are related to this new phenomenon.

Three of the top 10 highest gaining cryptos of 2021 are in the metaverse category:

#1 The Sandbox, $SAND +16,265% or 162.65X
#2 Axie Infinity, $AXS +16,160% or 161.6X
#7 Decentraland, $MANA +3,943% or 39.43X

With more people staying home due to the pandemic, many turned to virtual worlds and play-to-earn gaming to occupy their time.


Ethereum has established itself as one of the most valuable blockchains, bringing us several key innovations such as smart contracts, decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized applications (dapps).

All of these have led to the massive growth of many new projects. The popularity of these projects has caused blockchain network congestion and higher transaction costs (ETH gas fees).

The next highest gaining class of crypto for 2021 were the “Ethereum killers”. These projects are new blockchain forks that attempt to provide a cheaper and faster alternative to blockchain services with high gas fees provided by Ethereum.

Five of the top 10 highest gaining cryptos of 2021 fall into this category:

#3 Polygon, $Matic +14,496% or 144.96X
#4 Terra, $LUNA +13,808% or 138.08X
#5 Fantom, $FTM +13,007% or 130.07X
#6 Solana, $SOL +9,374% or 93.74X
#9 Avalanche, $AVAX +2,787% or 27.87X

Ethereum itself didn’t do too bad either, making a 418% gain for 2021, six times the return of Bitcoin for the year.

Two meme coins round out the top 10 performing cryptocurrencies of 2021.

When Elon Musk and a large group of investors like https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/ pump your cryptocurrency, you can see massive gains and this certainly happened for Dogecoin and contributed to a massive rise in its ERC-20 copy Shiba Inu.

Their performance for 2021 is listed below:
#8 Dogecoin, $DOGE +2,943% or 29.43X
#10 Shiba Inu, $SHIB +1,608% or 16.08X

The success of Dogecoin has spawned a whole new genre of dog and even cat meme coins. Will these meme coins continue to be successful in 2022? Probably depends on how many billionaires they can get to tweet about them and other marketing, tokenomics, etc.

VAULT Crypto News This Week

SCAM WARNING!!! FAKE VAULT Telegram Account!

A fake Telegram was setup using news from our latest updates and quoting many of the comments and updates made on our official Telegram to dupe users into believing they were sending money to a BSC address owned by us.

VAULT.Investments is a secure platform where users register to have their own personal accounts. All transactions are performed on the platform from a user’s account. We currently can only accept coins of the listed projects and Bitcoin for payments. WE DO NOT ACCEPT BSC OR ANY OTHER CURRENCIES not listed on our platform!

VAULT.Investments WILL NEVER ASK ANYONE to send payments to an address that they can’t see on the platform or in their account. ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE PERFORMED FROM A USER’S ACCOUNT.

Update from the 11th VAULTility VAULT Reserve Board (VRB) Meeting

The VAULT Reserve Board concluded its 11th monthly meeting to discuss and decide VAULT coin’s Minimum Guaranteed Price (MGP) for the next MGP period.

VAULT coin price has remained above the MGP* of 10,500 sats as Bobtilladhun | VAULT.Investments mentioned in his latest VAULT weekly update https://vaultinvestments.medium.com/how-to-prosper-from-inflation-vault-cryptocurrency-blockchain-news-35-a4ad7eedf87c

ian | VAULT.Investments proposed holding the MGP at 10,500 sats until January 27th, 2022 and the VRB agreed. He also mentioned some exciting, potential new developments and directions for VAULT!

Current MGP status:

VAULT coin MGP 10,500 sats until January 27th, 2022

Currently 95%+ of VAULT coins are locked

*MGP is the safety net and not the price investors typically trade at. In recent months, trading prices have ranged above our safety net!

You need 500 CRYO VAULT to join VAULT Investors, and 1000 CRYO VAULT to join VAULT Club and VAULT Reserve Board, which also gives you access to higher APR levels in the BTC% program.

We recently launched Stronghold Diamond Hands, adding more use and support for VAULT coin with 100 unfrozen VAULT coins needed to participate and limited spots available!

Emoji EMOJ Delisting Notice

After a review and evaluation of our current listings, EMOJ will be delisted from VAULT Platform on January 11th, 2022. This is purely a business decision using a number of factors based on efficiency and benefits provided to investors and VAULT platform customers. Could all EMOJ holders please withdraw those coins from VAULT platform as soon as possible. We will take note of any remaining holdings and they can possibly be retrieved in the future by submitting a support ticket.

We would like to wish Emoji success for the future.

VAULT Investments provides a service to clients and is not responsible for projects listed or featured in its platform or ecosystem. Users should always DYOR.

Gauntlet (GAU) Delisting Due to Swap Notice — Please Withdraw Your GAU ASAP!

We are announcing the delisting of GAU due to their swap from coin to token, which starts tomorrow, and recommend that everyone remove their GAU coins from VAULT platform as soon as possible. As they are swapping to a token, all rules will be determined by Gauntlet and it might not be possible to swap in the future if the chain is stopped and/or the swap deadline is missed.

We would like to wish Gauntlet success for the future.

3rd Graphene (GFN) Airdrop

To claim the 3rd Graphene (GFN) airdrop, please contact us via Help > Contact us menu on the platform https://my.vault.investments/dashboard/ with your BSC address and we’ll send the tokens corresponding to the 3rd airdrop if you’re eligible. As per the rules, this airdrop will be based on Snapshot 3, taken on May 9th, 2021 at 23:59pm GMT. Distribution will be based on your PHR balance on VAULT platform at the snapshot time, and the rate is 1.66 GFN per 1 PHR. Thank you for using VAULT platform, and thanks to Phore/Graphene team for their cooperation and assistance with the airdrops!

VAULT Coin’s Market Performance This Week

We finished out the week at $4.43, which is down from last week’s price of $5.08. We had a high of $5.33 on Saturday, and our low for the week was $4.35 on Thursday.

We saw an average of $1,965.85 traded daily. This maintains us above the $1,000 daily level.

VAULT coin trades on SouthXchange and Hype Coin Exchange and we continue to see a majority of trading occurring on SouthXchange.

The Minimum Guaranteed Price buy wall of 295.74 VAULT at 10,500 Satoshi was maintained on SouthXchange.

VAULT’s current price average across all exchanges is 10,662 Satoshi (0.00010662 BTC).

Bitcoin (BTC) Update

Bitcoin has not gotten off to the best of starts so far in 2022. Turmoil in Kazakhstan saw a drop in Bitcoin mining hash rate of over 12%. Fear is dominating the fear and greed index.

Traditionally, Bitcoin has always increased in value long-term, and smart investors have used the dips as prime times to accumulate more Satoshi.

Not all the news is bad. Many are predicting the price will finally reach the mythical $100,000 value in 2022.

El Salvador’s president is betting his political future on big things happening in the next year.

Bitcoin’s third largest whale has re-emerged and recently bought 551 Bitcoin at an average price of $45,219.

Many changes are coming to crypto. New blockchains and exchanges will emerge that could change the face of innovations such as NFTs and DeFi. The metaverse will continue to expand. Play-to-earn gaming could create new income for shut-in pandemic victims. There is potential for 2022 to be the biggest year so far for cryptocurrency adoption. It should be exciting to watch what happens.

Cryptocurrency News This Week











VAULT Crypto Portfolio Tracker

I wanted to give you a running tally of what you could potentially be earning with VAULT. The example I’m using holds 1,000 VAULT, with 0.1 BTC invested in the BTC% program (check it out here).

I wanted to show you what kind of returns you could be earning weekly and cumulatively.

1,000 VAULT initial investment with current value of 1,178.18 VAULT at ~23% ROI generated 5.18 VAULT blockchain rewards this week, for a total of 1,183.36 VAULT over the past 37 weeks if you compounded your daily rewards with 100% reinvest on the VAULT platform. The total dollar value earned is $812.28 at VAULT’s current price of $4.43 (0.00010662 BTC). The total Bitcoin value earned at VAULT’s current price is 0.0195 BTC.

Placing 0.1 BTC in the BTC% program earns 11% APR, providing a weekly return of 0.00021089 BTC. Over the last 37 weeks, this would be worth 0.00780 BTC with a current value of $321.

The current total value of your potential returns over the past 36 weeks would be $1,133.35 or 0.0273 BTC.

We Are Here to Help You DYOR (Do Your Own Research)

I hope this update on the growth and potential of metaverse, gaming, NFTs, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and blockchains has been helpful.

Consider investing the VAULT way and enjoy a seamless crypto experience!

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This is not financial advice. VAULT Investments provides a service to its clients and is not responsible for projects listed or featured in its platform or ecosystem. The views and opinions in this update are my views alone and are not necessarily those of VAULT investments or its administration. Users should always DYOR. Invest at your own risk.

About the Author:

My Discord handle is Bobtilladhun.

I’m a long-term crypto investor. I bought my first Bitcoin in 2016 for $700. I sold 1/2 my BTC when the price doubled to satisfy my wife that I wasn’t going to lose all our money and made my initial investment back. Since that time, I have used my remaining Bitcoin stack to HODL and invest in interesting projects. I am a founding investor in VAULT and have accumulated a significant number of VAULT coins through holding my coins in CRYO and taking advantage of the compounding interest VAULT provides.

I was asked by Ian and the VAULT team to provide a weekly update on VAULT’s performance and current issues in cryptocurrency.

I hope these updates provide you with a quick overview of what is happening with VAULT and in the world of cryptocurrency.

Please contact me on Discord if you have any comments or suggestions.




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